Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Frequency For residential we offer a schedule of 4 or 8 weekly (minimum of 3 cleans), we do not offer a one off window cleaning service nor a summer only service

Price guide quote The price list is a guide and due to differing property sizes and amount of windows we may need to adjust the price if necessary. our minimum charges are £15 per clean if 4 weekly or £18 8 weekly.

Properties we do not clean Unfortunately we do not offer a builders clean service i.e after building or renovation work has been completed.

Safe access If there is limited access to the rear of your property i.e. locked gate etc we can notify you the evening before by a text message, if you require this please let us know. We will try to access your property safely but if this is not possible e.g. gate padlocked so no access to the rear windows of the property, we will still charge the full amount.

If your property has access to the rear windows only by going through the house we can only add you into the schedule as a front only clean at an agreed cost, we cannot carry our equipment through and run hoses through the house.

We do not offer a regular window cleaning service by appointment, we cannot agree to only clean your windows on set days or times due to no access to parts of your property,

Turning us away/cancelling on the day We try to provide a reliable service, we make space and time in our schedule for this, on the day of your clean it is not possible to replace your clean with another, we reserve the right to charge you £15 cancellation charge if turning us away after we have arrived at your property to clean, We may cancel the ongoing service to you.

Cancelling a clean at short notice after receiving a text message notification of the pre booked window clean on the day of the clean incurs a £15 short notice cancellation charge.

Contacting us You can contact us between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday by telephone on 01332 986039, Emails are replied to only during office hours and during busy periods it may take a few days to reply so if you need to contact us urgently please call, Text messages sent to us will not be received.

Payments For residential window cleaning, only payments we use are cash on completion,bacs, and direct debit. This is our preferred method. We request the payment after each clean. Unfortunately, we no longer accept cheques

Complaints We aim to provide the best window cleaning service possible, if for some reason you are not satisfied with our work please call us within 24 hours, and we will come back and re clean your windows without question, if contacting us after 24 hours we may not re clean your windows. If a reclean is refused, the full charge still applies.

Cancelling If you want to cancel the window cleaning service you can do this by calling us on 01332 986039, unfortunately due to data protection we cannot accept a cancellation only via email. If emailing in a cancellation, we will call you to confirm the cancellation, only after speaking on the telephone is the cancellation processed. Office hours are 8.30am – 5pm. Any cancellations outside these hours will not be processed. We do not offer a one off window cleaning service, The window cleaning service is a 3 clean minimum so if cancelling after the first clean, the cost of 3 cleans will be owed. Text messages sent to us will not be received.

Confidentiality All customer information is kept on a confidential database and is not discussed or shared with any individual or company, as is required under the terms and conditions of the data protection act.

Insurance We have public and employers liability insurance, details can be made upon request

Window Cleaning We use a pure water fed pole system to clean windows, this method uses de ionised water, we produce this water out our base which is then transported in a tank inside our vans, we carry all the equipment needed to carry out the work, once we arrive at your property this water is pumped through hoses and a telescopic pole with a brush is used to scrub all the dirt off your windows, the window is given a final rinse and is left to dry naturally, once all the water has evaporated the window will be left clean.

We use this method to clean windows up to 60ft, however we cannot removed stubborn staining, paint, hard water spots or staining, plaster, concrete or anything else stuck onto the window. We can only clean windows where there is a clear line of sight, some recesses or angles cannot be cleaned.

Conservatory windows are included with the regular window cleaning service, conservatory roofs, skylights or velux windows are not included.

Velux windows cannot always be effectively cleaned from the ground due to the height and lack of downward pressure, if velux windows are cleaned they are not guaranteed

Traditional window cleaning & Internal window cleaning We will use a traditional window cleaning squeegee and small A frame ladders to clean internal windows. The windows are cleaned with soap and a squeegee, we can only clean off dirt and do not restore, deep clean or thoroughly detail the windows, if there is cigarette staining, hard water stains or any other staining this may not be removed, We do our best to clean the windows however we cannot guarantee the outcome, We may use a ladder to access a flat roof to clean a window but we do not clean windows traditionally off ladders

Cleaning outside of Guttering, Fascias, Soffits and Conservatory roofs We use our water fed poles and brushes to clean, no chemicals are used, ladders are used for access to enable us to clean most conservatory roofs, We do not clean the inside of guttering

Clearing of Guttering A industrial wet/dry vacuum is used to clear out guttering, this is done safely from the ground, we can clear out guttering up to 30ft, we will need access to a power socket, we do not clear guttering off ladders, We can only clear guttering that has access, if the guttering is covered by roof tiles preventing us from getting the equipment into the gutter then it cannot be cleared, Our equipment can go into the top of the downpipe if there are no screws or anything else preventing access. however if there is a blockage further down we won’t be able to unblock it. We do not dismantle the guttering or downpipes.

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